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Zhurong Wikipedia

Zhurong (Chinese: ), also known as Chongli (Chinese: ), is an important personage in Chinese mythology and Chinese folk religion.According to the Huainanzi and the philosophical texts of Mozi and his followers, Zhurong is a god of fire and of the south. The Shanhaijing gives alternative genealogies for Zhurong, including descent from both the Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor.

Zhuzhou Wikipedia

Zhuzhou is a very important transportation junction in South China. The BeijingGuangzhou Railway, the ZhejiangJiangxi Railway and the HunanGuizhou Railway meet here, which makes Zhuzhou Railway Station, conveniently loed in downtown Zhuzhou, one of the five special class passengerandgoods transportation stations in China.On average, a train passes through every three minutes.

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List of mosques in Cairo Wikipedia

Cairo has been known as the "City of a Thousand Minarets" due to the large number of mosques, and its wellknown reputation of a beautiful skyline of minarets that can be seen from any high roof. [citation needed] Cairo has many mosques built in different dynastic periods.

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Lake Zaysan Wikipedia

The first Russian to reach the area was Ivan Bukholts who ascended the Irtysh to build a fort and search for gold. In 1715 he was driven back downriver by the Oirats, who has established the Zunghar Khanate in the region.. The Chinese Qing Empire conquered the Zunghar state in the 1750s. This prompted an increase in the Russian authorities'' attention to their borderland in 1756, the Orenburg

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2019 онд тохиох Үндэсний баярт зориулсан хүлээн авалт. 21.10.2019 / 03:30. Date: 24.10.2019 Venue: СкайПлаза ХХК, Элчингийн гудамж 9, Улаанбаатар хот Монгол Улс дахь Бүгд Найрамдах Чех Улсын Элчин сайдын яам 2019 оны 10р сарын 24ний Пүрэв